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'Wonder what flag will Mrs. Alito fly today': The View jokes after Supreme Court ruling

 (Raw Story) : The Supreme Court ruled on Thursday to maintain the Food and Drug Administration's approval of the abortion drug Mifepristone and the co-hosts of "The View" were shocked to hear that it was a unanimous decision. All justices agreed that the doctors complaining about the drug didn't have standing to bring the case because they didn't use the drug in their practices and were instead only basing the case on their own personal objections. Former federal prosecutor Sunny Hostin predicted that it will likely come back to "states' rights" to decide for women's reproductive health. Read Also: How to fix a Supreme Court filled with corrupt stooges for the morbidly rich For now, however, she said, "It does restore a little bit of my faith in the court because the legal standard is, do you have standing to bring a case? Like can anybody bring a case in front of the Supreme Court? No. You have to have to prove that you have injuries resulting from it. So you've got a group of doctors and group of citizens, and all of these people bring this challenge to the FDA and say, we don't want this pill, and what [Justice Brett] Kavanaugh, he was the one that wrote it, said, they do not." It prompted Republican Ana Navarro to quip, "I wonder what flag Mrs. Alito is going to fly today." The reference is to the reports that Justice Samuel Alito's wife was responsible for flying an upside-down American flag and an "Appeal to Heaven" flag, both of which were symbolic flags flown during the Jan. 6 attacks on ..
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